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Garlock Logo

 Garlock is a multinational manufacturer of high-performance gasket materials with an emphasis on safety, longevity, and overall product productivity. Garlock Gylon products are designed to work in partnership with numerous customers, industry associations, and governmental entities to understand their unique gasket material sealing challenges and respond with innovative solutions that keep people safe.

Hennig Gasket & Seals has been key Garlock Gasket distributors for decades. We are a proud supporter and seller of Garlock gasket materials and products. Garlock Gylon gasket materials provide superior protection through thermal bonding technology.

Contact us for more information regarding Garlock gasket material today or call us at 800-747-7661 and we will be happy to answer any Garlock product questions that you may have. At Hennig Gasket & Seals, we are your premier Garlock gasket distributors.



GYLON® is a time-tested proven product that is known throughout the industry as the material of choice for severe chemical services.  Since it can be thermally bonded through a patented process, GYLON® gasket size availability is virtually limitless. Some of the Garlock gasket materials that we offer include the following:

  • GYLON® restructured PTFE
  • Compressed fiber gasketing
  • GRAPH-LOCK® flexible graphite sheet
  • THERMa-PUR Extreme Temperature gasketing
  • High-performance rubber sheet products


  • 3000
  • 3200
  • 3300
  • 3400
  • 3700
  • 3750
  • 3760
  • 3900


  • 3500
  • 3504
  • 3510
  • 3545
  • 3565


  • 5500


  • 9800
  • 9850
  • 9900


  • 660
  • 670
  • 681 (Vegetable Fiber or Tan Fiber)
  • 98206-NSF61


  • 3125 (Homogeneous)
  • 3125SS (SS Insert)
  • 3125TC (Tang Core)


  • Packmaster 1,2,3,5,6,7,8
  • Style C-200
  • Style 1333-G
  • Style 98
  • Style 8922
  • Valve Stem Packing: 127 AFP, 9000 EVSP, Style 1303-FEP
  • Hydraulic Vee Packing (chevron) Style 432


  • Flexseal
  • Sprialwound handhole and manhole
  • Graphonic


Garlock’s compressed fiber gasketing materials are manufactured using a proven technique referred to as the High-Pressure Sheet (HPS) process. Garlock gasket products are manufactured using a proprietary non-VOC solvent, which is environmentally friendly. This process is different from the way other HPS products are made.


It is not a recommended practice to reuse a gasket.  A gasket's function is to conform to flange high and low spots when compressed, and its ability to reseal decreases after it is compressed.  Gaskets which contain rubber and which have experienced elevated temperatures will be even less likely to reseal.


Contact us for more information regarding our Garlock gasket and Garlock gasket materials product line. We are your premier industrial Garlock gasket distributors.

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