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Hennig Gasket & Seals is a JM Clipper seals distributor. JM Clipper is known for their extensive range of fiber gasket materials, formulated and engineered to hold up to some of the most aggressive and extreme sealing challenges.

The JM Clipper range includes first generation compressed non-asbestos gasket material, a newer third generation of material, and rubber and vegetable filled fiber sheet, plus various PTFE and graphite materials.

First generation compressed non-asbestos sheet materials are primarily SBR aramid fiber composites. (An EPDM-based material is also available.) These offer good chemical and steam resistance with an upper temperature limit of 600 °F. If gaskets made from these materials have performed well it may make sense to use the same for their replacement. However, third generation materials offer higher performance.

These newer materials are nitrile-based and perform well against saturated steam and many oils. They exhibit low creep and their maximum temperature is 700 °F. There’s also a PTFE-based material that resists attack by aggressive chemicals and retains some flexibility down to temperatures as low as -350 °F.

As a JM Clipper seals distributor, Hennig Gasket & Seal can offer customers the full range of JM Clipper materials. These are manufactured in thicknesses from 1/16” to ¼” and sheet sizes as large as 150” square.

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