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When customers ask for “paper gasket material in roll form” they’re usually referring to tan fiber. This is a vegetable fiber material with a tan coloring that comes from the addition of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a hydrocarbon that’s used to make resins found in engineered wood, paint and brake pads where it acts as a strengthener and binder.


Tensile Strength:  2,000psi
Temperature Range:  up to 250°F
Width:  Rolls 48”; Sheet cut to you specifications
Thickness:  1/64” to ¼”

Vegetable fiber material is composed of paper impregnated with protein and glycerin. This creates a paper gasket material that’s sold in roll form for a host of sealing and gasketing applications. It’s especially valuable in situations where the surfaces being sealed are uneven or distorted as it has excellent conformability. In addition, with tensile strength of 2,000 psi it’s a strong yet flexible material that resists high internal pressures.

Tan fiber material is very resistant to attack by many types of oil as well as kerosene and benzene. It also resists alcohol, grease and many common solvents, thanks in part to the formaldehyde, added to make the material insoluble. Tan fiber will however swell in water and has poor resistance to steam. Its upper temperature limit is 250 °F.

Hennig Gaskets & Seals can supply tan fiber paper gasket material from the roll in 48” width and thicknesses from 1/64” to ¼”. Tan Fiber Paper Gasket Material Sheet cut to your specifications.

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